is this thing on???

20 04 2011

I really think I want to try to keep this blog thing going.  Clearly I’m not very good at it but I know I want to work harder on it.  I was actually feeling some satisfaction those few weeks I was keeping up with it.  So here I am again giving it another try.  Spring is about new beginnings, right?  Well after the winter we had here in MA it’s definitely feels good to start anew.


I’m a total blog slacker

9 09 2010

This has been a busy week, we’ve had the first day of Kindergarten for my middle son!  We’ve packed a lot into this week so far.  The waking up at 5:30am again everyday, to get everything ready in the morning and still have a few moments of me time before they come downstairs begging for water and breakfast and asking a variety of questions has really kicked my butt.  I’m BEAT and should be sleeping right now.  I have lots of little things I’d like to talk about but my fingers doth protest to that much typing right now.  So I’ll just share a few pictures of my sweet sweet middle son’s first day of Kindergarten.  There were no tears from him or me (that’s a half-truth, my eyes welled up but I shed no tears).  Apparently today he cried a little bit at school but he got through it and we’re very proud of him.  He’s the most like me of all of my sons, which means he’s the most emotional one of the 3.  He’s not really a crier he just really feels all emotions very strong.  I could see the uncertainty in his face before he went into his class, but I knew he’d work through it and make lots of friends.  So far so good.

my 3 boys before we headed to the school.  (apparently my house needs a good power washing!)

he’s trying to muster up a smile…

some wonderful brotherly love

more fun with my phone

5 09 2010

This weekend my husband, two oldest boys and camera went to the White Mountains for the weekend.  We all would’ve gone but my aunt and uncle are celebrating 45 years of marriage this weekend, so I needed to stay home to celebrate with the family.  Today is the party, but yesterday we kidnapped my mom and went out for a Sunday drive (yes on a Saturday).  We made it into NH too, but only about an hour away from here not the 3 1/2 trek my guys went on.  We found yard sales, consignment shops, farm stands, a playground, drove past a fair but decided not to stop this time.  We saw donkeys and sheep and horses enjoying the comfortable weather in large beautiful pastures.  We lunched and shopped and laughed and sang.  It was wonderful to have the time with my mom and it felt so good to give my youngest some one on one attention.  I need to make sure I do this more often with each of the boys. 

When my husband asked to bring my camera up to NH with him I handed it over and said to myself, “watch you are totally going to need this camera.”  I of course did miss out on what I think could’ve been amazing pictures. 

While we were driving we saw a road sign that pointed us 2 miles to the left to a place called Cathedral of the Pines.  I myself am not a church going person.  I’m no heathen, my husband and I just don’t do the church thing.  But this just was too intriguing, too beautiful sounding to pass by.  We drove those 2 miles to the left, and found seriously a little slice of heaven, that I had no camera to capture this beauty with.  I remembered my little shadow  fun with my phone from the night before and figured that any shot of this was better than no shot at all.  Yes these shots are definitely fun!

I stand by my original statement that these days “vintage” is definitely fun!!

While yesterday was filled with lots of fun places and sights.  This place stood out.  I’ve always prided myself on finding new and cheap/free places.  Yesterday I did not let myself down!!  If you ever find yourself in this part of the world you should definitely experience this place for yourself.

not much to say tonight

3 09 2010

We’re getting some of the rain from Earl here this evening.  Nothing major just some rain.  Before bedtime tonight we put up some sheets on the bunkbeds and turned the bottom bunk into a fort.  I had my phone with me in the fort because we were listening to our Phineas and Ferb Pandora radio station, but no real camera.  Voila some shots taken by my middle son with my retro camera app on my phone!!  So fun.

Is it just me or does “vintage” make everything more fun lately!?

that’s all for tonight, I’m enjoying some nice grown-up tv time, Law & Order SVU is calling me now.  have a good weekend hopefully I’ll check in sometime.

2nd grade

1 09 2010


1st grade

2nd grade

This boy loves learning, and I hope that love continues.  He’s got big plans already for his future. 

Here’s to a great 2010-2011 schoolyear, small steps on his long journey.

I knew it was too quiet in the playroom

1 09 2010

So yesterday I poured out a little bit of my self into this here blog.  I loved it, it felt good to just put it out there into the world, like my own little confessional.  I talked about my big boys playing Wii nicely together, and the little guy being jealous of the big kids.  He then moved on and ventured into the playroom.  As I was hitting publish on the blog I noticed that the playroom was awfully quiet.  I walked into the kitchen…

The little bugger found the stash of leftover juicebags from the birthday party and some Vanilla Wafers!  He dropped his game of truck hockey (what you’ve never played monster truck hockey before!?) and had himself a nice little picnic.  I took the picture and was going to come right back to the laptop and add this to the last post.  While I was cleaning up, the same little bugger came to the computer and somehow turned the internet off on me!!!!  It took me a while to figure out how to fix it and by that time my computer time was up! 

Today,I was hoping to post about the first day of 2nd grade  but we’ll have to see what chaos this thrill-seeking three year old has caused or found while I was busy writing this! 

Hope you have a great day!!

soaking up the last few days of summer vacation

31 08 2010

This has been a wonderful summer.  To be perfectly honest the last few weeks have been more difficult but fun nonetheless.  It’s hard keeping 3 boys entertained all day everyday.  Each day stayed at home inevitably leads to a wrestling match.  These boys just can’t control it.  I joke and say that we need a house with a room that either has a wrestling ring or  is just made completely of rubber.  This would save my sanity, simply because I wouldn’t be yelling “DON’T TOUCH YOUR BROTHER!!” al day long.  But today is the last day and I of course am excited to have some quiet time coming back my way.  But you know the guilt I of course feel too, for the times that I yelled at them.  The times that they weren’t really doing anything wrong, I just needed a break and felt overwhelmed and yelled. 

Khalil Gibran said “Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.”  I know he speaking of marriage however I think this is true for any relationship.  There was no space for me.  From June 22 until today the boys and I have only been together.  With the exception of the one night my husband and I ran off to Tom Petty for a few hours.  So I wanted to make the most of these few days of togetherness that we have before school starts.  I wanted to make up for my impatience.  (and i of course wanted them to go back to school with only good memories of mommy, I didn’t need them only remembering the yelling, that could make for an awkward conversation with the new teachers lol!!)  Right now I’m listening to the sounds of the big boys playing Wii, they’ve wanted this all summer.  The other sound I’m listening to is the smallest whining that he wants to play Wii too.  This is the reason I haven’t let them just spend an afternoon doing this.  But soon he’ll have me to himself, so I know he’ll be just fine.  Earlier today we went to the local animal shelter and let the kids dream about getting a puppy.  They and my husband are itching for a dog, I’m good with my kitty for now.  But I am entertaining the idea. 

I let the boys have sherbet for dessert with lunch today.   We don’t even usually have dessert with dinner so this is a big treat.  I’m loving hearing the boys shout “This is the best day EVER!”   Of course they have said this at least once everyday this summer, so I have to be doing something right, right?  Oh the mixed emotions of being a mom.

I’ll leave you with our pie eating contest. I just have to give you a little background info.  This feels like some kind of confessional lol, but I’m unreasonably petrified of frogs!  I didn’t think of this when we bought our cute little house with a brook flowing at the end of our yard.  I just envisioned our family sitting out underneath the stars, or running through the yard with no shoes on.  I can’t do that.  Our yard is full of frogs.  A little boys heaven.  A big scaredy cat’s nightmare.  My boys are very respectful of my fear.  They catch the frogs that they can see and go put them into the woods, but still I know they are there and it’s very difficult for me to spend a significant amount of time in our picturesque yard.  That all being said, we ventured out to the picnic table yesterday and set up a little pie eating contest.  I made the boys run around the table probably 50 times before I was willing to come near it.  Then I wouldn’t put my feet on the grass to take the pictures.  I was crouching on the picnic table the whole time taking pictures so that no frogs would touch me.  I’m sure it was a sight to be seen.  I tell you about my irrational fear as sort of an apology for the strange angles and bad lighting on the pictures.  But I was proud of myself for as well as I did.  Ok enough talk, I’m done rambling (this is the most adult conversation I’ve had all day!) here is our pie eating contest.

Before (our yard looks messy because of leftover’s from the birthday party)

On your mark..get set.. GO!!!!  (notice there are 3 boys in this contest)

“Hmmmm I’m the world’s slowest eater why did I enter a pie eating contest…”

“nom nom nom”

“Mom’s busy snapping pictures of my brothers stuffing their faces, now’s my chance to cause some mayhem!”

“How’s he doing, I wonder if I can catch up with him to win this thing.”

Nope not even pie can keep this busy 3 year old still.  This is him before he snuck off to ride his big brother’s razor scooter!

“I better step up my game if I’m gonna win this thing.”

We have a winner!

But as my middle son quickly pointed out he really didn’t lose cause he got to eat a cherry pie.  (remember we rarely do dessert around here!)

There are no losers when pie is involved!