If at first you don’t succeed try and try again…

3 08 2010

That’s good advice that we give to our kids everyday at the playground.  Like “Keep pumping those legs johhny you’ll swing higher I promise, don’t give up!”  Well I’ve decided to give myself that advice for the past few weeks and I finally decided today to give it another shot.  This whole blog thing that is.  I’ve always been a lurker online, dating back almost 7 years now when I was pregnant with my oldest son.  I read the AOL message boards and then started reading people’s blogs and now the whole facebook and twitter thing has really taken off.  I tried a couple of years ago to write my own blog.  I just didn’t feel like I had anything that people wanted to read and I’ve always been a pretty shy person so I wasn’t completely comfortable opening myself up to so many strangers.  So I stopped writing.  I’ve felt like a total stalker though, reading people’s blogs and occasionally leaving comments.  Some bloggers I’ve been following for the past few years and feel like I know so much about them and they literally don’t even know I exist, creepy!  One day while sitting at the park this summer(it’s been a gorgeous summer!)  it hit me.  I have learned a lot about proper playground etiquette the last 6 1/2 years.  Yes that might make me slightly boring but whatever I know what I’m good at lol!  So here it is my Parks and Playgrounds blog.  I hope to show you the ups and downs  of some local playgrounds (local being mainly central Massachusetts but anywhere my travels lead me). I will probably include more than just parks and playgrounds as well, hopefully I can include different free or cheap places to take your families.  Now that it’s written down it doesn’t sound as exciting but oh well here it is I’m trying again!




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