Sit back and enjoy the show

4 08 2010

Recently I was at a play area with a life long friend who just happens to have now joined me in the “mom club”, she has the cutest 3 month old daughter around.  I definitely get my girl fix from her but that’s a different post!  She decided to join me at that park cause she needed to get out of the house (don’t we all remember that feeling so well with a newborn).  We got to the park and my sons ran off to play, just as we were approaching the bench to sit, I said “Now this is the moment that all the moms here will judge me by.”  My friend looked at me like I was NUTS.  I explained that if I sit back and let the kids play” the hoverers” will make assumptions about my parenting styles.  While on the other hand if I had decided to not just sit and watch the kids and had instead  “hovered” around my boys  “the sitters” would make their own assumptions.  Sadly in 6 1/2 years of The Playground Scene (TPgS) I have judged and been judged.  I then told my friend to just be confident in whichever choice she makes.  Don’t feel pressured to do something you’re simply not comfortable with.  I am very comfortable with my choice to sit and let my kids enjoy pure unadulterated fun.  I by no means just let them play unsupervised, that again is a different post.  I personally just feel like kids have to spend too much time with parents these days.  They need an oppurtunity to work things out for themselves.  What better place than the playground, they are safe within our watch yet they feel like they have all the freedom in the world.  I think that if more parents would sit back and watch their kids playing they’d be able to see all of their hardwork parenting finally paying off.    And let me just explain quickly that when I say “hoverers” I’m not talking about the parents that are out their playing and enjoying the simple joys of both their children and the playground.  I myself have swooshed on the swing and rushed down the slide many times.   But who am I to judge?  I know that everyone out there at the playground as his or her own story and reason for sitting back or hovering.  What’s yours?




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