First family camping trip and finding the beauty

11 08 2010

Let me first give a brief introduction of my family. I’m the mom of 3 wonderful sons. And the wife to one incredible (though he has his faults like we all do) man. My sons are 6 1/2, 4 1/2 and the youngest will be 3 in 2 weeks. Being the mom of three sons there are certain things that I just have to live with, like fart jokes and constant roughhousing!  I’ve embraced my reality and actually realized that I wouldn’t want it any other way. Yes it does make me sad to think that I’ll never have all those great mother daughter experiences, but the upside is that I’ll never have those mother daughter teenage years experiences either. I do not know how my mom survived me, sorry mom! So anyway the great outdoors are another reality for me now. Don’t get me wrong I love mother nature and I couldn’t survive without all beauty in nature, BUT, I DO NOT like nature touching me. I am the ultimate girly girl and I’m married to a man who thinks he IS man vs. wild!! So this past weekend I bit the bullet and went camping as a family (we did camp some before kids).  We packed up and headed to Gloucester MA.  Instead of camping in the middle of the woods we camped on the most beautiful little inlet  from the ocean.  I ended up being stinky dirty and hairy (AAHHH no shaving for 3 days!) but you know what, I didn’t really mind it until the ride home.  The ride home is when I was able to feel all the dirt on me so I called first dibs on the shower.  This has really been a wonderful summer, but last week almost pushed me over the edge I was really feeling ALL the overwhelming feelings that only us moms seem to feel.  So this camping trip came at just the right time.  We were all able to reconnect and enjoy each other and nature.  Since I’m quite obviously not so good with the words I’ll just show you some of the pictures that hopefully captured the beauty of our little camping trip. 

our campsite

lobster traps!!!


some of the cabins at the campground

my middle son enjoying the view

my gorgeous husband

two of my boys made a new friend

the boys found this guy while exploring during lowtide

gorgeous sunset


mama needs some coffee!

and best of all we reconnected

That’s it in a nutshell!  It was of course more dirty and smelly than the pictures portray but I am the Parkanista and a self proclaimed girly girl so I had to look past the dirt and find the beauty.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy yourself.  Look around you and find the beauty in things.  That was the lesson I took home from Gloucester.  It was a lesson I needed after last week which had me feeling beat down and it was hard to find beauty in anything.  But I survived the great outdoors so I can survive some fart jokes and roughousing.




4 responses

13 08 2010

Fabulous pictures! The color of the sunset on the water is glorious! WOW! I’ve been promising the boys all summer to go fishing (well, not me…the hubs), and let’s see…there is less than a week before school starts. Boy am I disorganized! 😉

14 08 2010

Thanks! It was so beautiful there I think I took about 1000 pictures of the view, I had to narrow it down for a few to post. I am SO disorganized now kid number 3 totally pushed me over the edge, I love him to death but he DOES NOT STOP so it’s hard to stay organized. You still have the fall for some good fishing, I only know this cause my husband lol!

13 08 2010

I love your photos and I LOVE camping. I can’t wait to take my son soon. Thanks for stopping by my site thru the Nestwork (=

14 08 2010

Thanks, it really is so fun taking the kids camping!

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