A full circle bus ride

14 08 2010

So I think it’s pretty funny that I decided to go with the playground theme for my  blog and I maybe have been to the park twice since I started to writing it ha!  Oh well!!

 Today we spent the morning outside playing, eating chocolate chip cookies and picking beans and cucumbers from a friends garden.  I’ve been promising the boys since last summer that we could head to the bus stop and take the bus to the mall.  Guess how we spent the afternoon!  Let me give you a quick little bit of background info here.  I grew up right outside of Boston MA so public transportation was an everyday part of my life.  It was not a fun summer family field trip.  I HATED everything about it.  I of course look back on those days fondly, it is truly amazing how time has a way of making things seem so much better.  As I was growing up I would see cute little suburban families sitting on the bus  just enjoying themselves.  I remember thinking how naive they were and that I would never have kids that would be so excited about something so mundane as the bus or train.  I was convinced that my kids would grow up in the city and just take the “T” for granted, like me.  Turns out, I was the naive one.  Life had different plans for me and here I am living in the ‘burbs with  my mini-van and my 3 kids who today were PSYCHED to hop onto that bus.  I’m sure  most of the riders on the bus were annoyed seeing my happy little family hop on the bus, drop our busfair into the machine and start taking pictures.  I apologize to them but we had a blast. 

waiting for the bus

you've got to love little boys dirty fingernails from a fun-filled morning!

like a dog, enjoying the freedom of an open window


Ok so I get the first two, No Smoking, No Eating (or as my kids thought No Hot Dogs.  my middle son said “that’s ok mommy we can just eat a hamburger instead!!” he is such a comedian he knew very well what it really meant) but what in the world is the last one prohibiting us from?  Any ideas??!!??




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