who doesn’t love a good chicken joke?

15 08 2010

I know I’m pretty much just talking to myself on this blog, but I’m totally ok with that.  I’ve felt like I’ve had such a nice little outlet so far, and I’ve needed something that’s my own lately.  Bathroom time hasn’t even been my own the past few weeks.  I’m not complaining because I really am trying to enjoy every extra moment I have with the boys because I know time is fleeting.  It’s just nice to have an outlet.   

Today was a nice quiet day around the house.  My husband was golfing this morning and the boys and I sat around watching TV and didn’t fold laundry!  I am drowning in it at this point so I had to just ignore for one more day.  When my husband came home we lunched (is this a word) at a local hot dog shack, did a little grocery shopping and played in the yard while he mowed the lawn.

my son had fun scootering his little friend around

  Here in New England summer is slowly starting to fade into fall.  I love summer because I love the beach and the lack of schedule.  But as we flow into Autumn I am getting excited about warm sweaters, crisp apples, town fairs and colorful leaves.  (it’s what follows Fall that I loath!)  The acorns are already starting to cover our driveway.  I caught a family of them trying to enjoy a little taste of summer for themselves on our gravity chair.

coincidence that there were 5 of them hmmm??

The rest of the day was spent making dinner and practicing some of our mad kung fu skills.  As my husband was taking the boys upstairs for bed and I was getting comfortable on the chair with the laptop my oldest son came over to give me my goodnight hug and kiss and left me a silly band “to remember him while he’s sleeping”.  Don’t worry buddy that’ll never happen.  Anyway, he left it on the keyboard and suddenly chicken jokes started popping into my tired brain.  I never said I was funny so feel free to just roll your eyes at these  (all 5 of you that might possibly read this haha!)

Oh what’s the matter you don’t get the stupid joke?!  It’s Cock-I’d  get it cockeyed HAHA I know I kill myself.

And now people one that’s not for the kiddos…

 wait for it…. Cock-T’s  (cocktease)!! 

Ok that’s all folks thanks for coming enjoy the chicken and tip your waiters, I’m here all week.

Oh and in case you were wondering, The chicken definitely came before the blog.




One response

15 08 2010

Welcome to mom-blogger world! You’re doing great. I’m pretty new to all of this myself. Your camping photos are beautiful!

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