Tuesday Touchup

17 08 2010

Because I loved doing this last week I’m totally going to do it again!! 

 I took this picture on our camping trip last weekend.  This is my youngest son.  He’s our little Animal (from The Muppets) or sometimes his brothers call him Taz.  He goes NONSTOP.  He gets into more things than his 2 older brothers ever dreamed of (and they get into plenty).  He’s so curious and has a tendency to leave a trail of destruction behind him.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Yes it wears me out but at the end of the day he is also the biggest “momma’s boy” around.  Not in a bad way like he’ll be living in my basement in 25 years and I’ll be buying his underwear for him after he’s married, but in a sweet baby boy way.  He gives the best and biggest hugs around and a kiss from him can make any day feel sunny.  This little boy came into this world knowing that with 2 big brothers he needed to know how to survive.  And survive he does!  I sometimes think he’s teaching his big brothers a thing or two about it.  I caught this shot during a 30 second (literally) break that he took between swimming, running, climbing, throwing and anything else he was getting into.  It’s amazing to me that most shots that  Iget of him, he has this contemplative look on his face.  I’d love to get inside his head and see what he’s really thinking about, other than “let’s go destroy something!!” Ok I’ve gone off track now here is the picture of Mr. B (we used to call him Baby B but he pointed out to us that he’s almost 3 he’s not a baby anymore)

Now here’s the edit, I am in love with this picture!  This is one that will definitely get printed out.

I wish that I could tell you what edits I used but I did it the night we got home from camping and have no idea which one’s I ended up using!  I know I’m still a beginner and this might not be perfect but it’s perfect to me and that’s all that matters, right!?




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17 08 2010

OK, I’m loving the visual of your baby leaving a “path of destruction” – LOL!! My baby leaves a similar path wherever she goes – ha ha! What a wonderful look on his face; so thoughtful. You got awesome catchlights in his eyes too – I’m jealous! I’m really loving the antique, vintagy look lately too! Thank you so much for playing & happy Tuesday to ya! 🙂

17 08 2010

I think it looks great! I am a bit of a beginner and I have yet to really figure out how to do a good black and white picture. Kudos!

17 08 2010

LOL! Maybe it’s a ‘youngest’ thing… We used to call my daughter The Destroyer because she would pretty much manage to destroy stuff that she gets her hands on!

I love the edit you did on the picture… a bit or urban-vintage feel to it. 🙂

18 08 2010

I agree I definitely think it’s youngest thing, I have a lot of friends that say the same thing about their youngest!

17 08 2010

Cool edit! Totally looks vintage. Love how the wall in the background turned out!

18 08 2010

I love the background too!! I think that’s what totally makes this picture so cool. IMO

17 08 2010

Fantastic edit!!

18 08 2010


22 08 2010
Country-Fried Mama

I love the Tuesday Touchup idea. You should add a Mr. Linky and invite us all to play, too!

23 08 2010

I’m still blog illiterate and tried to copy the blog button into my post that links back to the original blog but it totally didn’t work. Apparently all these years of reading blogs I didn’t realize how much goes into it, everybody made it looks so easy lol! Ok enough rambling here’s the link http://thebonnie5.blogspot.com/p/touch-up-tuesday.html

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