rainy day rambling

23 08 2010

It has been an absolutely gorgeous summer!  It’s definitely been a summer of sunshine.  Yesterday and today have been rainy days.  Call me gloomy but I’m soaking it up (pun definitely intended).  We put socks and sneakers on for the first time in a long time today.  Yes no socks and sneakers, that totally means I haven’t worked out all summer long and have put on a lot of weight!  But hey it’s been a fun and yummy summer.  I can’t disappoint my boys by not getting an ice cream when we go out.  And I can’t forget all the cookouts with all the tasty cookout food.  What I’m saying is I love to eat and if I don’t work out it shows!

  My husband and I went out all by ourselves this weekend to the Tom Petty concert.  Not quite my cup of tea, but hey it’s a night alone with my husband, and Tom Petty was the first concert that he and I went to together when we were dating.  We had such a good time and totally needed that time together to reconnect. 

 We spent yesterday picking up the boys from a sleepover at my mom’s house.  Oh boy you’ve got to love kids the day after a sleepover at the grandparents house!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who has kids crash the day after!  We made the most of it though and spent the rainy day searching for a new dining room set.  Luckily most of the furniture stores are like amusement parks these days so the boys had a blast.  However by the 4th store they had had enough.  Sadly we never found one we liked.  So, today,  in between movies popcorn and pretending we were superheroes I brought the boys out to 4 more stores!  At the last store I fell in love with a set and as I was paying for it they were LITERALLY wrestling on a sofa.  I was mortified but the shop owner was amazing and never made me feel like I needed to get the heck out of there!   So if you’ve read this far thanks and if not that’s ok too, cause I’m still totally digging having this outlet for myself.  And now in honor of my little man’s birthday week, my baby who will be 3 years old on Friday here are a few pictures of him from our rainy day fun!

who needs toys when you have a strainer!?!?  and yes that is a messy kitchen counter in the background!




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23 08 2010

There’s that little cutie again! What a sweet face! 🙂 Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog…and you were the ONLY one that mentioned the lego people. I guess I (or should I say “we”) are the only ones that find humor in lego men!! LOL! Happy Monday!

23 08 2010

Who needs expensive toys? ;p

23 08 2010
Mama Hen

That is so cute! It is nice when they come back pooped out! Thank you for saying you like Mama’s Little Nestwork so much. I have worked so many hours on it daily for a few months and it is really nice when I get a comment like yours. I really appreciate it! Thank you! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

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