Day 3 of rain…

24 08 2010

Since B. is almost 3 and he’s showing more interest in FINALLY potty training guess what we’re doing today…With the help of some skittles of course!  We’re Potty Training





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24 08 2010

May the flush be with you.

25 08 2010

Hahahahahaha that’s too funny!! I will definitely be using that in the future.

24 08 2010

I wish you all the best with that. 🙂 We used the Baby Signs Potty Training Program and we used a reward chart…

25 08 2010

Thank you so much!! So far so good! We even left the house today for a trip to Target and to my oldest’s kung fu class. No accidents!

27 08 2010
I'm a full-time mummy

Greetings from Malaysia!

Ooooo potty training! My boy is going to be 18 months old and although people around have been hinting that I should start potty training him NOW NOW NOW, I think he’s still not ready for it, so I’m just going to wait a while more… Good luck with yours!

Btw, hopping over from the Nestwork to check you out since you’re the neighbor below me in the “Mom Blog” category. Have a nice weekend ahead! 😀

29 08 2010

Oh man, I don’t miss those days! Although I will be revisting this in another year or so with my youngest…ugh! LOL! I was so happy to receive your comment on touch-up Tuesday! YAY! I’m so glad you’ll join in! I was afraid to lose a bunch of people because they might get confused, forget, etc… I’ll do a reminder on the Friday before. 🙂

Great to hear from you and have a wonderful week! 🙂

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