more fun with my phone

5 09 2010

This weekend my husband, two oldest boys and camera went to the White Mountains for the weekend.  We all would’ve gone but my aunt and uncle are celebrating 45 years of marriage this weekend, so I needed to stay home to celebrate with the family.  Today is the party, but yesterday we kidnapped my mom and went out for a Sunday drive (yes on a Saturday).  We made it into NH too, but only about an hour away from here not the 3 1/2 trek my guys went on.  We found yard sales, consignment shops, farm stands, a playground, drove past a fair but decided not to stop this time.  We saw donkeys and sheep and horses enjoying the comfortable weather in large beautiful pastures.  We lunched and shopped and laughed and sang.  It was wonderful to have the time with my mom and it felt so good to give my youngest some one on one attention.  I need to make sure I do this more often with each of the boys. 

When my husband asked to bring my camera up to NH with him I handed it over and said to myself, “watch you are totally going to need this camera.”  I of course did miss out on what I think could’ve been amazing pictures. 

While we were driving we saw a road sign that pointed us 2 miles to the left to a place called Cathedral of the Pines.  I myself am not a church going person.  I’m no heathen, my husband and I just don’t do the church thing.  But this just was too intriguing, too beautiful sounding to pass by.  We drove those 2 miles to the left, and found seriously a little slice of heaven, that I had no camera to capture this beauty with.  I remembered my little shadow  fun with my phone from the night before and figured that any shot of this was better than no shot at all.  Yes these shots are definitely fun!

I stand by my original statement that these days “vintage” is definitely fun!!

While yesterday was filled with lots of fun places and sights.  This place stood out.  I’ve always prided myself on finding new and cheap/free places.  Yesterday I did not let myself down!!  If you ever find yourself in this part of the world you should definitely experience this place for yourself.




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