I’m a total blog slacker

9 09 2010

This has been a busy week, we’ve had the first day of Kindergarten for my middle son!  We’ve packed a lot into this week so far.  The waking up at 5:30am again everyday, to get everything ready in the morning and still have a few moments of me time before they come downstairs begging for water and breakfast and asking a variety of questions has really kicked my butt.  I’m BEAT and should be sleeping right now.  I have lots of little things I’d like to talk about but my fingers doth protest to that much typing right now.  So I’ll just share a few pictures of my sweet sweet middle son’s first day of Kindergarten.  There were no tears from him or me (that’s a half-truth, my eyes welled up but I shed no tears).  Apparently today he cried a little bit at school but he got through it and we’re very proud of him.  He’s the most like me of all of my sons, which means he’s the most emotional one of the 3.  He’s not really a crier he just really feels all emotions very strong.  I could see the uncertainty in his face before he went into his class, but I knew he’d work through it and make lots of friends.  So far so good.

my 3 boys before we headed to the school.  (apparently my house needs a good power washing!)

he’s trying to muster up a smile…

some wonderful brotherly love




One response

10 09 2010

Oh, I know where you’re at… It’s been an overwhelming first 2 full weeks of school for us here, too. 🙂

That last shot is just SO sweet!

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