Busy busy busy

29 08 2010

That’s been me  all week, so I apologize for not updating this lately (i just know you’ve been on the edge of your seats right!)  If it’s any consolation I wrote a couple blog posts in my head.  One was especially funny, I wrote it as I was painting my bathroom by myself  Wednesday  night while my husband was away for work.  I really wish there was a way for a blog to go directly from my brain to the computer, it would save me a lot of time!  Long story short about the bathroom, I ran out of paint and had to get creative and I made an accent wall in my bathroom!!  Amazingly it came out great and I LOVE it.  Well it’s great from a distance up close you can totally see my mistakes but I’m proud nontheless. 

My baby turned 3 and potty trained himself this week.  That’s another blogpost that totally deserves it’s own space and a lot more thought put into it.  Sadly I’m exhausted and don’t have the energy or motivation to pour my heart into like I wish I could.

My middle son had Kindergarten open house playdate on Friday (also youngest’s birthday).  That’s yet another blogpost.  It’s totally bittersweet to see him go off and make his own new friends.  He’s totally in his big brother’s shadow so he needs this, but I feel like his 5 years have FLOWN by.  I look back at pictures and wish I had savored the baby moments with him better.  He unfortunately, was  a very difficult baby and I got NO sleep with him so I wished that year away.  I just want to go back and cradle that poor colicky baby.  I feel like I could take care of him so much better now that I’ve slept for longer than a half hour. 

Yesterday was our very last 3rd birthday party.  The only thing I can say about this is, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?!?  It was a great little party here at home. It was wonderful having our family here.  I told my husband we need to have a party once a month.  It lights a fire under my butt to keep this house clean!!  I was running around all day, I only picked up the camera once.  And only looked at the pictures a few minutes ago.  This is proof that I need to slow down and pay closer attention.  My son’s name is Braedon I never once noticed that they spelled it Braedan!!!!!!!!!!  Oh well.

My goal for this schoolyear, is to slow down!


Day 3 of rain…

24 08 2010

Since B. is almost 3 and he’s showing more interest in FINALLY potty training guess what we’re doing today…With the help of some skittles of course!  We’re Potty Training


Tuesday Touchup

24 08 2010

With my youngest son turning 3 this week, I’m apparently feeling nostalgic about all my children.  That’s why I chose this picture to use as my Touchup.  This picture speaks to me.  This picture grabs my heart and takes it someplace.  That someplace doesn’t have words yet to describe it.  It’s far beyond love.  My oldest son’s eyes in this picture, I could just stare into them for eternity.  When I look at this picture I’m transported back to the day he was born and I first looked into those big, gorgeous hazel eyes.  I’m trasported back to the days where he and I could just sit for hours and stare into each others eyes.  This is my baby, this is my boy that taught me how to be a mother.  This is the boy that is still everyday teaching me how to be a mother.  Together he and I are growing and learning everyday.  He is paving the way for his younger brothers.  He is paving an amazing road for them.  I’m sure they won’t stay on his road all the time but it’s there for them.  With him everything is a brand new adventure.  In his eyes I can see anticipation for the amazing future that awaits him.  I have always seen it.  I don’t always take the time to look into those eyes for long periods of time anymore.  I need to.  These 6 1/2 years have flown by I don’t even want to imagine how fast the next 6 1/2 years will. 

So once again I edited this a few weeks ago and I don’t remember exactly what I did but I’m pretty sure I just enhanced the colors though.  And I understand that it might not be a perfect picture but to me it is PERFECTION!  Thanks Karli for giving me a place to vocalize this.  Since I’m still blogilliterate and can not put the button in my post (i keep trying to just copy and paste and it’s driving me up the wall cause it won’t show up!)  I’m just going to put the link to her Tuesday Touchup Mr. Linky right here…http://thebonnie5.blogspot.com/2010/08/touch-up-tuesday_23.html



and FYI the red marks on his head are from his goggles lol!

rainy day rambling

23 08 2010

It has been an absolutely gorgeous summer!  It’s definitely been a summer of sunshine.  Yesterday and today have been rainy days.  Call me gloomy but I’m soaking it up (pun definitely intended).  We put socks and sneakers on for the first time in a long time today.  Yes no socks and sneakers, that totally means I haven’t worked out all summer long and have put on a lot of weight!  But hey it’s been a fun and yummy summer.  I can’t disappoint my boys by not getting an ice cream when we go out.  And I can’t forget all the cookouts with all the tasty cookout food.  What I’m saying is I love to eat and if I don’t work out it shows!

  My husband and I went out all by ourselves this weekend to the Tom Petty concert.  Not quite my cup of tea, but hey it’s a night alone with my husband, and Tom Petty was the first concert that he and I went to together when we were dating.  We had such a good time and totally needed that time together to reconnect. 

 We spent yesterday picking up the boys from a sleepover at my mom’s house.  Oh boy you’ve got to love kids the day after a sleepover at the grandparents house!  Please tell me I’m not the only one who has kids crash the day after!  We made the most of it though and spent the rainy day searching for a new dining room set.  Luckily most of the furniture stores are like amusement parks these days so the boys had a blast.  However by the 4th store they had had enough.  Sadly we never found one we liked.  So, today,  in between movies popcorn and pretending we were superheroes I brought the boys out to 4 more stores!  At the last store I fell in love with a set and as I was paying for it they were LITERALLY wrestling on a sofa.  I was mortified but the shop owner was amazing and never made me feel like I needed to get the heck out of there!   So if you’ve read this far thanks and if not that’s ok too, cause I’m still totally digging having this outlet for myself.  And now in honor of my little man’s birthday week, my baby who will be 3 years old on Friday here are a few pictures of him from our rainy day fun!

who needs toys when you have a strainer!?!?  and yes that is a messy kitchen counter in the background!

Not quite ready…

20 08 2010

…to go from this

to this…

But I will enjoy the journey to get there.

Here’s to a wonderful Autumn!!!

Dear Ma,

19 08 2010

The other day we ventured out to Green Hill Park http://www.worcesterma.gov/dpw/parks-rec/city-parks/green-hill-park.  It’s a great park!  It has a playground, a free small farm/zoo area, open fields for running and is the home of a beautiful Vietnam War Veterans Memorial.

  We took lots of pictures and the kids just thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  In the memorial section of the park there are large boulders that have letters that soldiers wrote home to their families engraved onto them.  With 3 very active boys I didn’t really have the time to stand and read the letters while we were there.  I took some pictures thinking I could go back and read them later.  Well last night I heard the news about the combat soldiers leaving Irag.  Regardless of which direction you lean towards (left or right)  I think everyone can agree that we fully support the actual troops, the sons, daughters,husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and moms and dads that are over there risking their lives.  We can rejoice that these people are coming home with their lives.  This all lead me to go back and look at the pictures and read the letters that were engraved on the boulders.  This soldier did not make it home with his life.  This soldier was someone’s husband.  This soldier made me hug my husband tighter this morning  not get upset at my husband’s clothes on the bathroom floor.  This soldier was someone’s son.  This soldier made me hug my sons tighter this morning and not get so upset over the dirty playroom that I’ve been trying to get them to clean all summer.  Here is this soldier’s letter.

Dear Ma,

  I am writing to you on radio watch early in the morning.  I feel fine & healthy.  The chow is c-rations.  I have a beard-4 days old- and pet bird in the pagoda where we live.

  The platoon is fine- magnificent!  Hard workers, no mail or packages or enough water- but no complaints- at least we’ll get a generation of tougher men out of this war from my platoon.

  I was wounded in the arm on Thanksgiving but I’m fine now.  Help my dear wife and look after that silly Beauregard.  I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy, Happy New Year.

  Take care of yourself Momma. and try not to work so hard.

  I’m doing what I want to do and I’ve found we really need so little to survive with dignity in this world.  Dependence on material things is unnecessary.   For they pass away too easily due to floods, grenades, rust and wear & tear. 

  Strange- being without anything, as we are here, produces an inner calm.




Brian Richard O’Connor


Foss Park

18 08 2010

The playground is where our kids really get their first taste of independence.  The playground is where they get to spread their wings and practice for the real world.  You can see kids mimicking “the real world” at the playground.  This is why I wanted to bring my boys to a more urban park than the playgrounds around our house.  Foss Park is in Somerville MA which is right outside of Boston.  There is nothing wrong with the people or parks near our home I just wanted to expand my boys vision of “the real world”.  Foss Park has different sights, sounds and smells than our local park.  At Foss Park not everybody looked like and sounded like my boys.  The languages were different and even the clothes were different.  It was a true melting pot.  The best part of that was the fact that none of these things bothered any of the kids!!  Once those little feet hit the mulch they were all just kids wanting the same things, to play and have fun.  They climbed together, they swung together, they ran together and they pretended together.  The skin color, the language spoke and the clothes worn made no difference to them.  I wish that more kids had the opportunity to experience “different”.  I wish that more kids could have the chance to learn that different isn’t bad it’s just different.  My hope for my boys is to experience and appreciate the differences in people and places and embrace them.  After all that is “the real world” and as much as I want to hold onto my babies forever it is our job to prepare them for the “real world” and send them off into at some point.  Ok I’m off my soapbox and now here are a few shots I got at the park.   There are only a few cause I didn’t want to post  pictures with other people’s children in them.  I have enough internal debate about posting my own kids pictures that I definitely couldn’t put other people’s kids up!

The park itself is nothing special cause it’s exactly like any other park in any other town in America.  If there were no differences in the world, it would be pretty boring.  



***everyone has an opinion and this is mine!***